Pet Insurance

Although animals play a significant role in our lives, offering companionship and proven health benefits, it is unlikely we will ever see a time when their medical expenses are government subsidised like our own human healthcare.  For this reason, we strongly recommend that all pet owners consider pet insurance for all their furry family members.

Arguably one of the most difficult roles of a veterinarian is to discuss the costs involved with the care of an animal.  Particularly during times of shock, stress, and sadness the transition to discuss money can come across as insincere – it is not something we routinely have to do when managing our own health.

We are incredibly lucky in Australia that a significant portion of our own human healthcare is subsidised (Medicare, Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, Private Health Insurance etc.) but as a result, we are often oblivious to the true cost of human medicine.  Consequently, pet owners can often be shocked at the cost of veterinary medicine.

Pet insurance is a win-win-win situation – owners are better prepared to afford the best treatment for their pet, veterinarians are able to manage the case in the best possible way to achieve the best possible outcome, and as a result your pet gets what it needs, when it needs it, not a substandard level of care.

Like any type of insurance, the cover provided by various products can vary considerably and we recommend reading the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) carefully to establish which product is best for you and your pet.


The behaviour of your pet will, in many cases, have a significant bearing on your enjoyment as a pet owner.  Pet ownership should provide an abundance of happiness and companionship, however it can quickly become a nightmare if you own a pet with behavioural (read mental health) issues.

Your pet’s behaviour should be a priority from the minute you bring it home.  During our initial puppy and kitten consults, our veterinarians will spend time with you discussing appropriate techniques to help ‘mould’ your pet’s behaviour.

Unfortunately for some pet owners, despite their best efforts, their pet develops behavioural issues.  It is estimated that up to 20% of all pets will have some type of mental illness at some point in their lives, which is quite comparable to the prevalence in humans.  Examples of these mental illnesses include separation anxiety, noise phobias, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders, and dementia.

Although medication can sometimes be beneficial, often the skill and expertise of a behaviourist are required.  You need to be treating the underlying mental illness rather than the clinical symptoms alone, and this takes considerable talent to determine what this is when the patient cannot talk.

As a word of caution, in Australia anyone can call themselves a behaviourist irrespective of their training…or lack thereof.  There is no professional body that regulates this making it exceedingly difficult to know exactly what to look for and therefore exactly what you will get.

At The Furry Family Veterinary Clinic we have a good working relationship with the behaviourists listed below and will refer you and your pet should you need professional help.

Dr. Kate Mornement PhD – Pets Behaving Badly –

Dr. Jacqui Ley BVSc (Hons), FANZCVS (Veterinary Behaviour), PhD – Melbourne Veterinary Specialist Centre –

Senior Wellness Program

Dogs and cats age much faster than humans, with cats and small breeds of dogs aging at 7 years per human year, and large breed dogs aging at 9 years per human year.  This phenomenon means that significant, potentially life threatening, health changes can develop in as little as 3-6 months such as kidney disease, heart disease, osteoarthritis, endocrine diseases, and certain cancers.

Diagnosing and treating these senior conditions early offers the best chance of a successful outcome.

It is for this reason that The Furry Family Veterinary Clinic recommends health checks every 6 months for all cats and small dogs (<25kg) over the age of 9 years, and all larger dogs (>25kg) over the age of 6 years.  This recommendation is in accordance with Australian Veterinary Association’s Standards of Care.


At The Furry Family Veterinary Clinic, we stock a range of premium quality pet foods to cater for all stages of your pet’s life as well as specific medical conditions and illnesses.

Feeding your pet an appropriate food to meet its unique needs is vital to its ongoing health and longevity.  All foods that we stock have significant scientific data to support their role in the health of your pet.

Please feel free to discuss your pet’s individual needs with one of our helpful veterinarians or nurses.